Self-Marking Quiz with Google Forms

I was approached by a colleague wanting to know how to move his multiple choice quizzes online. I first suggested Quizlet or Kahoot (both are good options) but what was lacking was the tracking improvement over time. I believe this is possible with Kahoot if you have a premium account. As it turns out, Google recently […]

Broadcasting / Live Streaming an Event

Live-streaming is something that I’ve been meaning to look at for a while. I have watched many live-streams myself from sports and video games to politics but have never broadcasted. I was recently approached by a teacher at my school that was interested in broadcasting a poetry contest. In deciding what tools would work best, […]

Email Filtering with Outlook

One handy tool in any email system is searching and filtering. For this demonstration, the scenario will be a teacher wishing to keep track of all of the field trip notices sent by other teachers. I am also using the Web Outlook for consistency. Different mail clients (including the desktop version of Outlook) may behave differently. […]

Back Up Your Stuff!

What would you do if you lost everything? from Sam Mularczyk on Vimeo. We Need Back Up! As a school-based tech facilitator, I have helped many teachers over the years try to recover their data from corrupted USBs and hard drives. Sometimes we are successful, sometimes we are not. Data loss happens often enough that […]

Wildcats App Overview

Why an app? This year our school has decided to forgo the traditional paper agenda for grades 9-12. Instead, we have a smartphone app that students and teachers can use on their phones, tablets, ipods and the computer. In the last 90 days, the app has been downloaded 1337 times. Asking my students if they […]

Screencasting for Teachers 101

I’ve written about screencasting before but after producing a screencast almost every day in my class, I thought it was time for an update! What is a Screencast? A screencast is a recording of your computer screen accompanied by your voice. Why Screencast? For a teacher, this is a great way to record demos, powerpoint presentations, assignment […]

Zaption Video Lessons

Note: As of September 30, 2016 Zaption has shut down. What is Zaption? Zaption is a website that allows you to add captions, questions and links to videos. It allows you to turn any YouTube video into a video lesson. Examples Here is how it could be used in a Language class: Here is one […]

Photocopier as Scanner and Text Recognition

1. How to Scan with the Minolta Photocopier 1. Place desired document(s) in photocopier (either on glass or in paper feeder) 2. Log into photocopier 3. Choose “Scan/Fax” 4. Highlight the default option “SMB SCAN-TAMA-Staff” 5. Press the “Start” button on the photocopier   2. How to access your scanned files By default, the scanned […]

MyEdBC export to Master Grade

Like many other MyEdBC users I’ve been trying to find a way to get MyEdBC class lists into programs such as Integrade or Master Grade. I found a few tutorials online intended for school staff (shout out to Dave McCristall’s YouTube video) but the plugin required for this was not available. Users need to drag a “plugin” […]