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I am a computer and media arts educator at the secondary level in British Columbia, Canada. I graduated from Simon Fraser University’s SIAT program with a concentration in Media Arts. I’ve completed a Graduate Diploma in Integrating Technology and a Masters of Education in Educational Practice, focusing on self-regulation and building relationships in a computer-based classroom.

One of my interests is gamification and student engagement. I designed and delivered my curriculum as if it was a Multiplayer Role-Playing game (inspired by Lee Sheldon’s The Multiplayer Classroom) and have been using Moodle extensively as a course management system. I plan to continue exploring new ways to engage my students using video games and technology in general.

Feel free to contact me if any of this sounds interesting to you!


twitter: @nathanaelpowell

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  1. Just wanted to thank you for your tutorial on Goggle Quizzes. Been going through multiple how to’s the last couple days and yours was the most direct and easy to follow I’ve come across. Thanks again for putting it out there.

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