What is the Wiki Game?

One of the results of my diploma program on integrating technology was me looking into gamification and ways to make a computer-based classroom more engaging and interactive. A big win for me is the idea of a weekly “guild battle.” One game that I find myself coming back to isĀ The Wiki Game.

The Wiki Game picks two Wikipedia articles at random and challenges you to get from one article to the other using only the internal links within the articles in the least number of clicks. Free, no account needed, games happening non-stop throughout the day.

Just the other day though, I noticed a new feature called “Wiki Game Groups”

After playing around with it, I think this could easily rival Kahoot in terms of engagement and being classroom friendly. Wiki Game Groups gives you the ability to create an admin account and tailor the challenges, picking both the start and the end article.

How to Use Private Groups

Upon creating an admin account and logging in, you can access the admin controls by clicking “admin” right beside the user name.

NOTE: Only the teacher needs to create an account, students can join with a group code much like Kahoot.

On the admin panel, you can create a new challenge by picking the start article and the goal article:

In the previous incarnation of the wikigame, the “start” and “goal” were randomly selected which made for some interesting (and sometimes practically impossible) games. Being able to choose means I could link this to curriculum very easily and see how two things are connected through Wikipedia links. What is very cool is how you could have two seemingly disconnected ideas and be able to link them surprisingly quickly.

As a test, I picked two topics in the realm of video games:

When students play it, they are taken to a game version of the Wikipedia article. The goal is to click on the blue links until eventually reaching the goal page.

In this case, it was a very short path.

It is really interesting to see how information is connected. Here’s an example of three students all successfully completing the challenge of going from “World Wide Web” to “Batman”, each taking a very different route:

The game works well on phones and iPads as well as computer so it could be used in any class or subject area. I’ve already incorporated this into my guild battles and I recommend you try it out for yourself!

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