What is Google Forms?

Google Forms can simply be described as free, collaborative survey software. It is part of a larger suite of online tools known as Google Drive. It has great application in the classroom as a formative assessment tool, using it as an exit slip / ticket out the door and for student self-evaluation to track student progress. The forms work great on pretty much any device: computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet.

All you need to get started is a Google account.

Step-by-Step creating a Google Form

Step 1: Log into drive.google.com and click on NEW


Step 2: Choose Google Forms from the menu. Access it by hovering your mouse cursor over the word “More”




Step 3: Create your form by filling out questions and choosing the question type (see the next section, “Ways to Use Google Forms” for ideas)3

See this quick survey I created using Google Forms:


Step 4: Click on “View live form” to see the survey as others would see it while filling it out. You can also send the resulting page to people to fill out your survey.


Step 5: After people have filled out your form, see your responses. There are two ways from the “Responses” menu to do this: “Summary of responses” and “View responses”




“Summary of responses” will produce some nice looking charts:


“View responses” will allow you to see the data in a spreadsheet which you can then sort by time, name or question. This data can also be exported as an Excel Spreadsheet.8

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