In my “Integrating Technology” diploma program in 2011, I was really experimenting with the gamification of education. One thing that I found to be quite successful was the creation of guilds to provide students with a support network in class. This ties in quite nicely with my desire for students to self-regulate since it will give them people to lean on if they are experiencing difficulty. In order to make the guilds successful (and have the students buy in) I have proposed that we do a weekly “Guild Battle” where they will team up and face off against the other guilds in the class. This is a fun activity for my students and I to do on a Friday.

Since we spend the first week preparing for research and completing a short research project on the history of computers, I thought it would be interesting to play “The Wiki Game.” Each round of play is 90 seconds. In that time, players need to get from one random article to another using only the internal links on the wikipedia page. The winner is whoever can do it in the least number of clicks. In the case of a tie, the fastest time wins. We played 5 or 6 rounds of this and the students were having a blast. If anyone from a team won, the entire team got credit. Students were largely working individually on this but I suspect that future guild battles will require more teamwork. In any case, I observed a number of high fives and some bonding between classmates. Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 10.25.44 AM

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