ipadschoolIdeas for iPads in the High School Classroom

  1. Student Presentations. An alternative to PowerPoint. Don’t have a projector? Do nano-presentations.
  2. Student tutorials / explaining concepts using virtual white boards like Explain Everything or ShowMe
  3. Video projects made easy. See: Using iMovie to showcase student work
  4. Use iPads as a means for students to fill out Google Forms (surveys, quizzes, ticket out the door etc). See: Step-by-Step Creating a Google Form and 8 Effective Ways to Use Google Forms For Teachers
  5. Access web-based content (websites, articles, pictures, video)
  6. Access class websites (ex. Surrey Hub, Edmodo, Moodle, Schoology)
  7. As a full-featured graphing calculator (with TI-Nspire app)
  8. Go on a virtual field trip with Google Earth and visit places mentioned in course content or novel studies. (Note: It is possible to get Google Lit Trips to work on iPad but it may take some advanced set-up. See: GE on iPads)

Tamanawis iPad Cart Guidelines


These are the guidelines for our school iPad cart.

Installed Apps:

Comic Life CBC TV Dropbox
Explain Everything iMovie iBooks
iTunes U Prezi Puffin
ShowMe Socrative Desmos
YouTube Zite Haiku Deck
30 hands Geogebra Keynote
Google Earth  Quizlet  Edmodo
Coding Apps  iMotion  Google Drive


Teacher Guidelines

  • The cart cannot be used if you have a TOC.
  • Under no circumstances can anyone book a single iPad from the cart. The cart must be booked as a lab of 30.
  • Cart must be reserved at least one day in advance through the Google Spreadsheet
  • The iPads have been loaded up with apps that are general purpose and can work across all subject areas.
  • The teacher will have the responsibility for pick up and safe return of the mobile cart to Room S109.
  • The cart should be locked and plugged in when not in use.

General Care

  • The classroom teacher is responsible for communicating the mobile iPad cart guidelines to students so that students understand and follow the rules for iPad use in the classroom.
  • Teachers are responsible for the iPad cart: moving the cart, locking and unlocking the cart, recharging, and making sure all iPads are returned to the designated secure location and are locked safely in the cart at the end of the usage.
  • Under no circumstances should the lock combination be given to students
  • Students must be assigned a specific iPad, and the teacher must keep a record of the student’s name and the number of the iPad that was used in a specific time period. This should be recorded in the binder accompanying the cart.
  • Students must be supervised at all times while using the iPads.
  • Keep sharp objects away from the iPad, including pens and pencils.
  • Keep food and beverages away from the iPad.
  • The teacher is responsible for making sure all iPads are accounted for at the end of the period.
  • Return the iPad cart to S109 by the end of the Block.
  • Report an iPad in need of repair to a Tech Facilitator

Student Use of iPads

I recommend communicating this next section to students:


Inappropriate use of the iPad will result in school disciplinary action which may include loss of iPad privileges and/or computer privileges. Infractions for improper use of the iPad will be first handled by the classroom teacher and if necessary referred to an administrator.

Inappropriate use includes but is not limited to:

  1. Attempting to change settings on the device
  2. Defacing any part of the iPad, case, or labels
    • Any intentional malicious destruction of property must be replaced/paid for by student
  3. Changing the background
  4. Attempting to download applications
  5. Attempting to delete installed applications
  6. Visiting inappropriate websites
  7. Deleting or changing another student’s work in any application
  8. Possessing inappropriate pictures and/or media files
  9. Students will not swap iPads with another student as they are accountable for the iPad assigned to them.
  10. When storing iPads on a cart make sure the iPad number matches the number on the cart’s slot and the power adapter is plugged in properly.


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