Like many owners of the late-2007 Macbook Pro (MacbookPro3,1) I decided to swap out my HDD for a SSD to breathe new life into a slow but otherwise trustworthy machine. This would actually be the third drive replacement in my laptop with previous upgrades favouring larger, faster HDDs. I used Carbon Copy Cloner (CCC) to clone my old hard drive. The SSD has been fantastic so far with boot times around 24 seconds and a noticeable increase in speed, especially opening and running programs. I went with the A Data S511 240GB which is not the fastest drive on the market but since my old Macbook Pro doesn’t support SATA III, it didn’t matter.

It has been smooth sailing until I got a notification to update Wunderlist in the Mac App Store (as opposed to the iTunes store). The App Store told me “You have updates available for other accounts” and would not let me update my app even though I’ve only ever had one Apple ID. Many users get fed up and uninstall/reinstall apps to get around this. Apparently, this can happen if the spotlight index gets corrupted or is incomplete but I’m guessing this was a result of my cloning. After following the steps on NGPixel’s blog I was able to update my app successfully.

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