This is a “highlight reel” of ways to integrate technology into any classroom. I’ve covered each of these topics in-depth in separate blog posts so dig deeper if something interests you.

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  1. YouTube (see my post Become a YouTube Teacher)
  2. Google Forms (see 8 Effective Ways to use Google Forms)
  3. WikiGame (see Exploring the new WikiGame Groups)
    • Think “6 degrees of separation” where we try to connect 2 Wikipedia articles
    • Try to go from the start article to the end article in as few clicks as possible
    • Teachers can create their own games
    • Works on a phone / iPad
  4. GeoGuessr (see Guild Battle – Geo Guessr)
    • Randomly places the player on the map (worldwide or limit it to Canada or another country)
    • Players have to look for clues (geography, language, architecture etc.) and then make a guess as to where they are
    • Points are awarded for accuracy
    • I usually have students work in teams, one student controlling the map and another doing research through Google
    • Works on a phone / iPad (either through the website or the app)
  5. Kahoot
    • Create or play existing quiz games on any topic
    • Similar to “Time Play” at the movie theatre
    • Pre-Assessment
    • Quiz Review
    • Works on phone / iPad (teacher needs access to a device and projector/TV to host the game.)

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