I’m very excited to try out badges in Moodle 2.5. I just upgraded my Moodle this week and this is just one of the new features available. I can set up course badges to be automatically awarded to students based on preset criteria. For instance I can award students a badge for posting X number of times in a discussion or for completing all activities in a section.

I can also set the badges to only be awarded if an assignment is completed on time. I can even log completion tracking for students reading a document or downloading a reading so I could award a badge for doing some extra reading. In addition to the automated badges, I can hand them out manually or even have students self-mark activities complete which could trigger a badge being awarded.

I’m interested in seeing if badges will motivate students and this will tie into my Masters in Educational Practice program I will be starting in two weeks.

If anyone has ideas on how to use badges in the classroom, I’d love to hear them!

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