1. How to Scan with the Minolta Photocopier

1. Place desired document(s) in photocopier (either on glass or in paper feeder)
2. Log into photocopier
3. Choose “Scan/Fax”

4. Highlight the default option “SMB SCAN-TAMA-Staff”

5. Press the “Start” button on the photocopier



2. How to access your scanned files

By default, the scanned files will be saved to the Shared folder.

To access the shared folder, you must be logged into a school computer with your district account.

Go to Start Menu > Computer and open the “Shared” drive:


Open the “Staff Only” folder:


Open the “Scans” folder:


You will see a list of PDF files. It may be helpful to sort the files by “Date modified” to see the most recent files at the top. Files are time-stamped when they are scanned.


3. How to use Adobe Acrobat Pro Text Recognition

Note: You will need Adobe Acrobat Pro X for this. Let me know through a tech request and I will have it installed on your computer.

Adobe has a great reference guide here

1. Open your file in Adobe Acrobat (I’m using Adobe Acrobat X here)

2. Click “Tools” on the right hand side and expand the “Recognize Text” menu. Choose “In This File”:


3. You will get a pop-up with a few settings listed. Click “Edit…”:



4. Another dialogue box appears. Set the language to whatever language your document is in and set PDF Output Style to “ClearScan”:



5. Once your scan is done, you may need to “Find Suspects” or characters that the text recognition was unsure about (I find this can happen with a poor quality scan with smudges etc.) This is also done from the “Recognize Text” menu.

4. Editing Text in a Scanned Document

1. From the “Tools” menu again, this time expand the “Content” menu and click “Edit Document Text”:


2. Select the text you want to change or add to. You will probably get this error when you try to type something:



If you get an error message about the font being incorrect, here is Adobe’s solution. Read on though because I’ll show you.

3. If you want to be able to edit all of the text in your document its important that you “select all” for this next step by pressing Ctrl + A. Now right-click the text and choose “Properties”. This will bring up the “TouchUp Properties” window. Under the “Text” tab, change the font to a font that is on the computer (for example, Arial). You can play with the Horizontal Scaling and other settings if you wish to match the look of the original more closely.


4. You can now edit text in your scanned PDF!

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