I’ve been running a multiplayer classroom for a little bit over a month now and I’ve just started pitting guilds against each other. Most of the quests are PVE (Player versus environment) where their performance doesn’t make any impact on other players in the game and they can retry a quest if they wish to improve their score. This is where my assessment comes from.

I’ve now run a few PVP quests (Player versus Player) that have been very successful. The reward is a small amount of bonus experience, 5 XP. In contrast, a typical project will award between 50-150 XP depending on how involved it is. It is not a huge reward but it is enough for the students to play to win.

My favourite PVP quest so far has been to design the most expensive or the cheapest computer possible. Out of the two options, some guilds decided to focus on one while others divided up the responsibility and tackled both. Computers had to be fully functional with compatible hardware, keyboard and mouse, and monitor. We did this over one class period and guilds were working together, researching components and trying to get their prices up or down, depending on which system they were building. Guilds would try to find out how much the other guilds were spending so they could improve their system even more and win.

The winning “expensive computer” was over 3 million dollars including a multi-million dollar sound system, a 60-bay hard-drive RAID, and a motherboard that supports 4 Intel Xeon processors. The winning “cheapest computer” was just over $150, featuring the Raspberry Pi.

I did this as a fun activity after teaching the class about computer hardware. They had a great time, and so did I!

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