What is ThingLink?

ThingLink is a platform for creating interactive images and videos. It is possible to add interactive tags which display text, images, videos or links to other websites.

Create a free account at thinglink.com

Check out a ThinkLink that I just made:

ThingLink in the Classroom

Here’s a great video highlighting some features:

A good example of how ThingLink can be used to present a topic (this was created with a pro account):

ThingLink links can be opened and viewed no problem on the iPad and smart phones so this is something you could have your students use. I haven’t tried it but I’m thinking a Smart Board would be a great way to explore a ThingLink as a class.

The ability to embed ThingLinks directly on a class website or blog (as I’ve done here) is fantastic.

Final Thoughts

ThingLink is great for creating interactive content. I can see myself using this for interactive diagrams, assignment overviews (with examples) or course outlines. The free version has a good amount of features but the nagging to create a paid account could turn off some users. There appear to be lots of “gotchas” where you click on a button and ThingLink tells you “this is only for premium users”. With that said, if this was something I used a lot I would consider the $35/year cost.

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